Welcome to Blackdown Poultry

Blackdown Poultry is a small family run business run by two sisters Tracey and Carey.

We are set in the heart of the Blackdown Hills near Buckland st Mary our hens run fully free range and enjoy a high standard of welfare our commitment is to provide a happy and healthy hen .

We have kept hens for eight years and ducks for six

We offer a setting up service for those who are new to poultry keeping please give us a call or email for any questions, the welfare of our hens are our top concern We keep 35 breeds from Bantams to Large Fowl . theres nothing better than watching you hens scratching  around in your back garden. Families welcome to come and have a look at our hens and very sweet chicks .See more on face book .This is a working small holding so please wear stout foot wear thanks

thanks for showing us around you made us feel really welcome the hens are fantastic and have settled in really well from thanks again from Helen

Our road island reds we got from you are great and laying already .They have there own little personality and dont take any notice of the dogs I shall highly recommend you thanks